Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Some great vid-clips unearthed by Farmer Glitch of a fiercely spirited free-form skronk-out featuring Mats Gustafsson and Eye of The Boredoms. I was almost down the front at this one, but you wouldn't think so, considering how dull and badly shot these photos were (yeah, back on the Tesco disposable camera tip again...):

Here, Eye gets jiggy w/ a coupla luminous balls...I was watching during his sound-check, sad ol' anorak that I am, and he seemed to have set these up to generate one or two channels of white noise, whose intensity appeared to be controlled by their proximity to some sort of (electromagnetic? Photosensitive?) sensor. Lovely to see his wife and kids hanging out and videoing him setting up his gear, presumably as some sort of archival activity.

He also had a glove (or maybe a glove-puppet) rigged up to some contact-mikes that he was flinging around, whirling & whacking against amps and mixing-desk. All this was being pumped thru a barrage of assorted fx, wh/ Eye was manically tweaking in Lee Perry real-time stylee, along with assorted lung-bursting howls and shrieks: Gustafsson would then play off of this barrage of noise (and vice versa) with twisted sax honks and sheets of fractured home-made was an incredibly physical set w/ the pair of them sonically shadow-boxing back and forth across the stage like a duo of demented Kabuki the end, they were both drenched in sweat.

A couple hours later, Eye was queuing up in front of me at the convenience store (it looked like he was buying a bottle of Sprite or Lilt), so I v. briefly thanked him for playing an awesome set and he sort of half bowed/half nodded, almost humbly, before turning to buy his soft drink. It's the third time I've seen him in action over the years (whereas Gustafsson was a revelation: he blew into town like a human hurricane!) - he's never the same/never predictable. What a dude.


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