Monday, December 04, 2006


Sea Trolls, Draugen (the "Dark King of the Ocean" sez Liv), and other assorted Nordic nautical beasties. Liv pointed this one out to me (how marvellous is this!):

And here's some related imagery:

And, ermm...

And (surprise! surprise!) a quick Google revealed that there's a Black Metal band called Draugen.

My own 'Draugen' piece puts a peculiarly English (well, West Country) spin on the theme (which is a shame really, as these images have their own ragged, damp, scandinavian resonance), but I'm three-quarters the way thru already and speeding towards a tightish submission deadline, so too late to turn back the clock on this...just bashed out the part where they find a Rosicrucian graveyard on Varikke, the mysterious island within an island and get attacked by a, err, pack of feral baboon-men: yeah, I know very post-ERB, kinda...still fairly pleased with it, tho' these pictures have got me thinking in all sorts of new, lop-sided ways.

Okay, I'm off to reload me harpoon...


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