Friday, December 22, 2006


A week or so after I posted this, I scored a DVD boot of "Hasta Que Se Ponga El Sol" from some dude in B.A.

And mighty fine it is, too. Featuring the fucking creme of Argentina's 1972 Rock Scene: plenty of churning Blues-infused Acid Rock and folky, post-Dylan musica accoustica...too many highlights to precis here, but Billy Bond's monstrously 'eavy masterpiece "Tontos" is a real romper-stomper, and I've got a soft spot for Reynols' collaborators Orion's Beethoven and Luis Alberto Spinetta's group Pescado Rabioso ('Rabid Fish')...all great fun, but I doubt they'll be getting this in HMV very soon...

Watching stuff like this is like looking thru a window into another universe; it's almost impossible to imagine a major label stumping up money to put music like this out now...still, Comets On Fire (and various Jap groups, amongst others) are doing a triffik job in repopulating the vacuum once occupied by hard, acidic, blues-inflected power would be difficult explaining to a teenager that this style of music was once sooo popular that it circumnavigated the globe, spawning Heavy Metal, and that millions of kids once shook their hair in time to it.

Also got some whammy-bar shakin' examples of early 70s bluesy Hard Acid Rock Action here on vinyl from the Philippines and Indonesia which I'll share w/ ya sometime, once I got the Pox out of my system.


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