Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Following on from Martin's comments about "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"...

Actually, Lazenby is my favourite Bond. Not just saying that to flame's mainly 'cause I've really gone off Sean Connery in recent years; he's a bit of a dick really...after Mel Gibson, he's slagged off the English more than any other movie-star; he's a full-time professional fucking Scotsman, yet he lives in LA, etc, etc. Still like "Zardoz", tho: it's bonkers.

I dig "You Only Live Twice" and "Diamonds are Forever", but can pretty much take or leave the rest of Connery's Bond films...can't stand the really early ones, to be honest...I really like "Live and Let Die" (it's, er, big-budget honky blacksploitation film) and I quite like "The Man with The Golden Gun", or bits of it, then after that: forget it...

There's a lot of myths about Lazenby fucking up the franchaise and the film losing money, etc. Not true. It was a biiiig grossing film. Great soundtrack and, as Martin said, a great villain and a totally whacked-out plot.

For a so-called loser, Lanzenby was the biggest-earning male model in the world in 1968...annnnd a lot of critics reckon his version of Bond was actually the closest to Fleming's template (wh/ probably differs from cinematic expectation...)...blahblahblah. He quit Bond to go and work w/ Bruce Lee on "The Game of Death" fact, legend has it that he was supposed to have dinner w/ Lee on the night he died. Sonny Chiba was going to be in the film too (wow!). Warner Bros. were gonna pick up part of the distro n production costs on this, as they did for "Enter The Dragon" (2nd biggest grossing film in '73, fact-fans) and Lazenby was signed up to star in 3 other films w/ Lee...the resultant box-office would've prob. made him the biggest caucasian film-star in the world, but Lee's death obviously put the kibosh on that.

Still, he made a trio of HK films w/ producer Raymond Chow : "The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss" (1974), "The Man From Hong Kong" (1975), and "A Queen's Ransom" (1976)... co-starring God-like folk like Jimmy Wang Yu, Sammo Hung and Angela Mao...despite Lee's absence, the films were big money-spinners in Asia. I taped "The Man From Hong Kong" off the TV years ago (tho sadly no longer have a copy) and it's really great fun...Lazenby did some other cool stuff: he was in "The Return of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", "Kentucky Fried Movie", the "Batman Beyond" series and a whole raftful of "Emmanuelle" spin-offs...not quite up in John Saxon's orbit, but what a great CV!

As an aside, I confess I really love that 70s film where Richard "Jaws" Kiel plays an alien or a spaceman or something...(Googles like a mad bastard)...ah, I think it's called "The Humanoid" and if anyone wants to really get in my good books they can send me a copy of that...

I was going to blog about some more cassette tapes tonight (or do some music or design some Eval God of Fier tm merch); how the fuck did I get onto that one...?


At 1:19 pm, Blogger Martin said...

Yeah, Connery's incredibly boring, throw in the fact he used to slap his women round the face and his hair looked like black spray-on plastic and I'll take Roger Moore, arching his eyebrow, walking round in a safari suit and dumping cripples down industrial chimneys any day. Live and Let Die has some of the funniest film dialogue ever written. Might try and track down "The Man From Hong Kong"...either that or wait til BBC2 sticks it on at 1 in the morning


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