Saturday, November 11, 2006


"The Hand is Molten Thought": oh yes, indeedy...

Many thanks to Cloudboy for this splendid rendition of, uh, me (no-one's ever *sob* done a portrait of me before...):

All done from a photo he took when we hooked up at the Sunburned Hand gig back in Aug...note Acid King badge detail. (Wow: see how this blog effortlessly self-referentially interweaves and interlocks with its own meta-history?)

Anyway, cheers, man, for tranforming me from my usual rent-a-geek personna to a louche bohemian freak-around-town w/ a just a smidge of Kevin Ayers: I am both chuffed and flattered, and this will soon hopefully be framed and take its place on the walls of 1973's Hall of Shame...

Unfortunately, I don't have an A3 scanner, but here's a zoom-in on the sheer unbridle'd psychedelic carnality that is growing from my unwashed old rave-days tam (wh/ got dusted off for a few shows this summer...). My wife Chris laughed when she saw this:

Apparently, it's an extremely accurate rendition of the neural ooooze that flows from my skull. She tells me that everyone can see this stuff, apart from me!

But just to fool my critics and the Zionist fascisti-spookdog lackeys employed by The Forces of Oppression tm I have cut off my hair and am currently sporting a microbeard (tho this is mainly because the central-heating has been on the fitz for the last week, thus no warm water: smell ya later, man!)

CB and I are collaborating as the soon-to-be-legendary Ice Bird Spiral: which is coming together pretty well, I reckon...not sure how to describe it: freeform psychedelic noise, maybe...but there seems to be more'n a hint of Concrete mayhem in there too; unexpected snatches of Henri Chopin/Berio influences; murky folkskree n allsorts of stuff...but despite his hectic, jet-settin' Renaissance Man life-style, CB has a work ethic that would make a Protestant blush. I think the album cover-art is in safe hands there...

Cheers, man!


At 12:05 am, Blogger Cloudboy said...

... hopefully get a bit of death metal flower arranging in there too

At 12:19 am, Blogger kek-w said...

Sounds good to me, man!

Currently out in the shed, diggin' "The plan" by The Osmonds, their rock-opera concept album (with synthesisers!): Utah's own soft-rock answer to "Head"... expect that to fold itself into the mix in some ridiculous way or other!

At 11:05 am, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

Oh God...this is fantastic. I love it. Hats off to CB. *Loud applause and whoops of joy*


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