Wednesday, November 15, 2006


"Dance of The Insects" on Sloow Tapes....(This was) even better, I reckon, than Bart's pre-release preamble:

OhmiGod: looo-oo-ooook! Even the tape's blue:

(See how easily I'm pleased!)

Hissss-smeared loops of ratchety beetle-song: like a sloow'd-down night in an overgrown garden centre back-lit by halogen from the A37; cockroaches on cough-syrup.

Later, the bugs get a little frisky and start squirting each other w/ acetic acid. There's a scene in "The Wild Bunch" where some kids put a scorpion in amongst millions of swarming ants (then set them on fire w/ some straw). Switch off the Jerry Fielding s/trak and insert this in its place instead. Tell me I ain't wrong, baby!

Finally, they (quite rightly) decide to make an example of someone by dragging them behind a combine-harvester (or a threshing machine) while a fairground organ plays on, barely audible b'neath the agricultural carnage...

Carlo says: "yes that's me and Eva ... we were totally stoned as usual when we recorded that one, there's a few more encounters of the smoke kind on the way!"

There's a great moment in one of the tracks where there's like a crashing noise or a muffled strange sound, then the track completely changes...

Carlo: "Yes, we did indeed edit 2 bits together, rudeboy style..glad you liked the Frozen Corpse tape... there's some more coming soon..."

Indeed: as evidenced by the appearance in my letter-box (along w/ cool new loot n booty by Vluba, Death Chants and Fricara Pacchu) of their new cs "Deep-Fried Brain", hot off the productn-line from Lieven at Bread and Animals...enjoy!


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