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There's a coupla pieces by me in the latest (Dec.) ish of Dazed & Confused, wh/ should be hittin' WH Smiths, etc round about now, incl. a piece on the Alt>Delete Recordings label...

...and an article on the History of the Argentine Underground featuring a cast of thousands incl. (a favourite of mine right now) Vluba and the legendary Carlos Alonso...

Carlos is an inspirational figure to many people, incl. myself, and has been involved in the Argentine Underground since the early 60s in various guises. A few weeks ago, he sent me an English language copy of his CV (a sort of extended translation of the MySpace piece) wh/ makes for interesting bugger off, you lot, and start a revolution of yr own...

He says:

"Hey Kek...excuse my English...I am sending a short history of my musical life from 1963 to 2006..."

When 1985 finished, Carlos Alonso begun his project UNO X UNO, after playing in many bands: 1963- LOS BRUJOS - THE WITCH (instrumental songs and Lafayette, The Shadows, The Ventures' covers), 1970-Madrigal and Aquelarre. (rock progressive) -- Between 1977 and 1978, he played in REVANCHA (Rock) and OTOÑO (sinfonic rock). During 1979 Christmas, a new group was found: BARRIO (Rock) and after that LOS PEORES DEL BARRIO (psychotic rock) in 1984 and 1985.

In 1985, in an old mansion in San Miguel - the suburbs of Buenos Aires - Suddenly, Carlos Alonso appeared with his computer Yamaha CX5M, a beat box Roland TR 707, a Controller YK 10, effects, Reverb space echo, his voice and a bass guitar creates the UNO X UNO experimental electronic hypnotic sound and scene. There, people only listened folk music.

The old mansion became a studio-laboratory, LA CABEZA GRABA. There, nowadays, records, mixes and sonic experiences are made. Meanwhile, in 1985, Carlos Alonso named his own label LA SONRISA DE LUZ- EDICIONES EFÍMERAS, that edits his records, makes contacts and interchanging information with other indie labels around the world.

Join to Carlos Alonso (programming, guitars, voices, composition, etc.), el maestro Horacio Contursi (drums) in 1994, Héctor Ongarato (bass guitar) in 1997, Federico Durand (synthesizers, melodic and accordion) and Jerónimo González (guitars, sampling, e-bow, effects) in 2006.

UXU's records are spread in Uruguay, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Spain, Germany, Argentina, etc.


La Capilla, Cemento, Funk, Caras+Caras, Medio Mundo Varieté, Auditorio Santa maría, Teatro Bambalinas, C.C. Recoleta, Auditorio Promúsica. Active participation in 80's movement "Parakultural".
Museum Arts Sound. Austin, Texas.
Multiculturalism: Adi Theatre, Arena 2, Tibilisi, Republic of Georgia. 1995.
Performances organized by KFR, de Lord Litter. Alemania. 1989-1990.
Cycle "Catálogo Incierto". Teatro Alvear. 1990.
Instituto Goethe: "Nueva música de Cámara". 1990.
Cycle en el ICI. 1990.
Pasajero O by "La sonrisa de Luz". 1995.
Auditorio Promúsica. 1996-1997.
Music for A. Poe's "Hop Frog" in C.C. Recoleta. 1997.
Cycle de electronic music "Pulsar" en el Observatorio. 1998.
Museo de Arte Moderno: Cycle "2x1" experimental music. 1998 y 1999.
Cycle "Pepitas electrónicas" by Inrockuptibles. 1999.
Tribulaciones-radio-Supernova. 1999.
La Cigale. "Ciclo-p". 1999.
Museo de Arte Moderno. 1999.
Universidad Nacional de Quilmes: electro acoustic show. 1999.
Podestá Theatre. 1999.
Ciclo Pasajero 0. Universidad Nacional de Gral. Sarmiento. 2000.
Museo de Arte Moderno: Cycle "2x1" experimental music. 2000.
Tribulaciones-television. Electronic. 2000.
Marechal Theatre in San Miguel. 2001.
Museo de Arte Moderno. 2001.
Notorius: improvisations: Carlos Alonso + Juan Fontana. 2002.
Templum. Clinics with Juan Fontana + guests. 2002.
C. C. Catedral. Buenos Aires. 2002.
Templum. 2002.
Plastilina Vera: acoustic. 2002.
Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Bs. As. 2004.
C. C. Raíces. San Miguel. 2004.
Espacio Giesso. Buenos Aires. 2004.
C. C. Recoleta. 2004.
C.C. Juan de Zalaza. Asunción del Paraguay. 2004.
Tío Bizarro. Burzaco. 2004.
Esteban Lisa Foundation. Buenos Aires. 2005.
Festival Internacional de Arte Digital in Rosario (Argentina). 2005.
Radio de la Universidad de La Matanza. 2005.
Radio popular de la Boca. 2005.
Radio de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. 2005.
Foro Ghandi. 2005.
Espacio Plasma. 2006.
C. C. Borges. Buenos Aires. 2006.
La Cigale. Ciclo "Jueves en vivo". 2006.


Die Fabriek. Netherlands.S
ound of Pig Music. Al Margolis. USA.
Black Death. Netherlands.
Dark Side. Mexico.
El Club. Argentina.
Catálogo Incierto. Argentina.
die-GOL Rolling Stones' tribute. 2005.
"Una temporada en el infierno" inspired in A. Rimbaud's poetry.
"Biblioteca". die-GOL. 2003.
Tributo Sonic Youth.
Las tinieblas del romance Travesti's latests record. 2006.
Cd tribute to Charly García. die-GOL.

EDICIONES DE "LA SONRISA DE LUZ" El Infinito Cercano 1986/1987.
Sangre & Data live in Centro Parakultural. 1988.
Bs. As. Sicótico recorded in first takes with Alga Rara. 1989.
39 Vidas 39 Muertes. Carlos Alonso. 1990.
Disección 03 1993.
Efímero. 1993.
Box set "1986 - 1993"
UNO X UNO + Carlos Alonso. 1994 y 1995.
Frágil ironía. 1996 y 1997.
Flores Japonesas. 1997.
Especies en Extinción. 1993 y 1994.
Pic Nic Industrial, with Blixa Bargeld in "La cabeza graba". 1997.
Guerrillero Acústico, instrumental songs consagrated to psycorecords and others lifes. This Cd is a limited edition personalized that belongs to first issue of ESPONTANEAS series. 1999.Melodías Gigantes.
UNO X UNO's last record. 2005.

VIDEO"Jurassica" in Museo de Ciencias Naturales of Bs. As. 1996.
Edition of "Elefantes" from Melodías gigantes. 2006.
Edition "Mar de naranjas" from Melodías gigantes.


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