Thursday, October 12, 2006


The latest ish of FACT hit the streets this week, and includes a piece on the Belgian Sub-Underground by, uh, me:

Thanks to all the super-cool people who gave up their time to help me on this. Wim Van Gelder from ManGenerated...the mighty Dennis Tyfus from Ultra-Eczema, Carlos from Audiobot, Ludo Mich, Per Oystein, Edgar and Hellvete from Funeral Folk...(expect a big post on/interview with Funeral Folk any day now, now that the magazine article is out...), Bart from Sloow Tapes, Bram Devens aka Ignatz, Lieven from Bread and Animals (formerly Imvated), Jelle Crama...Heroes, one and all! I also spent a very pleasurable half-hour or so chatting to Bobby Colombo on the phone; he's a gentleman dude...

Phew! Have I forgotten anyone? Don't worry if these names haven't sunk in yet; you'll be hearing plenty more about these people on this blog...I'll be following up the FACT article w/ posts on some of these folks, as I had loads more material than I could use in the well as Laurent from Veglia, who got in contact after the piece went to press...and also Ernesto Gonzales, who's making some great noise-psych stuff as Hatanaka Creatures; should be running something on him soon as I get some time...crikey, this is all because Pieter from (K-RAA-K)3 pinched a cigarette off me at a Fonal Records showcase and we got chatting...

Damn, just remembered: I was gonna plug V/Vm's gig at Live in De Living, but I forgot. I think that was a week or two back. Sorry, Vee...

Oh, and don't forget the Pauze Festival, later this month.

...annnnnnnnnd, speaking of Belgium: a coupla hot new cassette releases on Sloow Tapes that look well worth checking.

Samara Lubelski
Sloow Tapes – Ottobre
One Sided CS 60

(The words are Bart's. not mine:)"Meditative violin drones dissolving time into wide open space of home recorded cosmic ambience. A universal consciousness of hypnotizing star gazing sounds that melts right into the centre of the mind's eye. Artwork by Samara. Reflecting edition of 148 copies."


Frozen Corpse
"Dance Of The Insects"
Sloow Tapes – Gaat Hard
One-sided CS 60

"Homegrown insect smoke and far out grooves by Orphan Fairytale and Audiobot labelhead duo. Totally grim. 60 stoned copies."

Yeah, Frozen Corpse are Carlos from Audiobot and Orphan Fairytale (aka Eva Van Deuren), who I tried to get an interview with, but it didn't happen. Maybe next time, huh?

Orphan Fairytale vid (below) filmed by, I think, Jef Mertens at the Break Down The Walls exhibition by Dennis Tyfus and Vaast Colson in Antwerp, September 20th, 2006:


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