Thursday, September 14, 2006


Live: Royal Park 26/09/02, Brudenell 16/01/2003. Been meaning to pick this 7" up for, like, ages:

It's on Gold Soundz, who are, I think, a Norwegian label. Liv might know for sure. They put out the "WOODEN WAND & SATYA SAI BABA 'PLAY MORAY ELK THEMES'" CD a while back, so good for them.

I looove Vibracathedral Orchestra. You know I do.

That: similar to the other side, but faster, more frantic: it rattles and clangs and hisses and howls. Voices are lost inside/beside a synth that sounds like a sitar or a vibrating snake. There's something that soooooowwwunds like a police siren. And tibetan bowls too, or something, but I'm not sure...what...and then...and then, the crowd start clapping. Damn it: it always gets me when I get lost in something and that happens.

This: caught in a slow Zanussi tumble-drier, the band rotate on a never-ending intergalactic spin-cycle: can't tell what's a guitar or a violin or electronics or percussion or what...everything flips and flops round n round n round n round: tangling arms, legs, inderterminate genitalia, etc in a jelly-like morass of sound. Later, Bridget H, possibly, gets caught on a metallic-sounding Tony Conrad treadmill, like Reverse-Flash Professor Zoom time-travelling back from the 25th century to ambush an early Angus McLise era VU en route home from a Blecker St. loft party late 1964: "What the fuck's that?" asks John Cale, peering thru dilated pupils, his accent unbroken by NY. Something yellow is flickering in the snow-filled air 50 yards away from them.

"The Future," drawls Angus, eye-muscles twitching from the mescaline. Two days later he goes out and buys an African thumb-piano.


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