Thursday, September 28, 2006


Big up Bart from Sloow Tapes, who's just put out a self-published limited ed. book of his art...

I think I scored one just in time, as it looks like it's sold out. It's 12 pages long and very small and simple, but also oddly beautiful...when it arrived in the post a couple days back, it made me smile when I opened it and I find it's still making me smile every time I look at it. There's something oddly calming about his pictures that seems to lift the stress right out of my body...

I'm really enjoying scoring stuff like this right now; when I dig thru my stash of stuff in a few years, the memories and associations will come flooding back, the same as when I play my copy of "Yeti" now...

Bart emailed me some pictures a few days ago, and he sez it's okay for me to put up some examples of his work, wh/ I hope you dig as much as I do:

Yep: I've mentioned the Belgian-based Sloow Tapes label before...they put out "My Favourite Magazine", which is still next to my bed, readily available for repeat pre-sleep readings...and have also put out cassette tapes by some kool bands like (one of my personal faves) Death well as all sorts of boootyful Finnish sub-psych mayhem...

Whereabouts are you guys based?

Bart: "There's only one guy doing the label (me). I live in a small town called Stekene. It's located somewhere near the end of the world...the sort of place where nothing ever really happens: the town is taken over by Johnny and Marina types of people who hang out at the local bus-station.....oh, we had this guy who shot his wife while their kid was watching a couple weeks ago....evil spirits wandering through the cornfields and the woods here..."

Apart from the mag, are you cassette-only? Any plans to go to CDr or vinyl in the future, or do have you found yr own niche....?

Bart: "I think I'll keep it to tapes for a while....maybe doing a vinyl once, but not sure yet....I like the size and the feeling of a good old analogue tape....think I have been home-taping for most of my life...guess you need much more time and dedication do make 100 tapes than a cd-r too...people always look kinda surprised if you go to a shop and buy all of their stock of tapes... "

Are there any particular qualities you look for in an artist that make them a Sloow Tapes artist...?

Bart: "Not really looking for something specific....if I really like something for whatever reason I put it out...I don't really think much about it, but if you look at what I've done thus far I guess you have an idea of my tastes....more of the psych/drone/folk thing..."

I love Bart's mention of "Johnny and Marina" types; I'm guessing that's his local Flemish equivalent of what we used to call "Kev and Sharon" a few years back, which has now mutated into a post-Chav "Liam and Ashley"...digging the small-town references, as I live in one too. Sometimes yr imagination is the best way out...


At 8:13 pm, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

Beautiful work this. And, as you say, very calming. I need that right now.


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