Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Now, this is what I call a proper band:

Abstract French lunatics Super Mort 2.5 in action here at the 3rd annual Death Petrol festival in Antwerp back in August. The festival looks an absolute hoot: Belgium's own answer to the Stone Lane Festival, Yeovil, but w/out the dancing dalek! (And many, mannnnnnnny thanks to the mighty Spike and Ray for their hospitality, hard work, gin and salads!)

Meanwhile, thanks to Wim at Mangenerated for alerting me to a whole bunch of great shit, and for his recent help in my perverse researches. He's also over here; go check him...he's a geezer who puts out great music and organises various underground freenoise gigs n fests. He also knows V/VM (nuff said). The world needs more people like Wim, I'm tellin' ya.

The footage comes courtesy of Joyous Cosmology, of whom, Wim says: "I've never heard of Joyous Cosmology prior to Death Petrol; the bandmembers are in their late fifties/early sixties - they do some kind of free Improv that falls somewhere in between noise, jazz and hippyish ambient-ness. Got in touch with one of them after my DP-review...they're cool guys to get in touch with...enthusiastic!"

And here's Minitel, another demented French group (not to be confused w/ the US turntablists of same/similar name), playing up on the roof at the same fest:

I asked Wim about Super Mort 2.5 and Minitel, but he said: "Don't know much about the background of Super Mort and Minitel, though I
know a couple of the bandmembers now from seeing them...I didn't film at DP (thank god that I left my camera at home!), but I do have some footage of other fests, gigs etc, that one day will probably make it onto a DVD, will keep you updated on that..."


At 6:38 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

bloody heck - is she trying to hoover the woods with that axe in the fisrt vid - me and zoe are looking at running something in our garden for next years zummerzit arts-week - and I think an event like what you have here might certaainly shake up the loals just about right !!

At 7:14 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

I reckon we should try and talk Bren into running something similar over in Pear Tree Farm next year....:-)


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