Saturday, September 30, 2006


Like Carlos, Belgian Fluxus artist Ludo Mich is another Uber-Dude who has become an inspiration and a bit of a hero to me over the last few weeks. Frankly, it was a fucking honour to speak to him recently. He sent me this photo a few days ago, which I thought I'd share:

Go check out his CV, his back-catalogue; it blurs the divide between visual and performance arts, between music, art, film, spoken-word...phenomenal stuff. Back in April he was jamming w/ Thurston Moore. There's an LP of Ludo's sound-tracks, sound-art and performances available from Dennis Tyfus' wonderful Ultra-Eczema label, but I fear it may have already sold out...

Wow. If he ever needs someone to write his biography...


At 10:54 am, Blogger Helen said...

O my god it's Don van Vliet's doppelganger!


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