Friday, September 22, 2006


I think Simon meant Holy Hail...

Yeah, I really like 'em...Simon's right: they've def. got a certain sumt'ing. Mr. R's spot on w/ the Fred Schneider comment, as they're self-confessed B-52 addicts (but kinda via The Fall...Remind me in places a little of a US version of Tiger). Def. a band to check...

Here's an excerpt from a little chat I had w/ Matt Cuttler from the band back in (eep!) July. (The plan was to do a piece about them for a coupla mags, maybe, but I think perhaps I was just too slightly ahead of the pack - but, trust me: they'll be huge by xmas, or something.):

I see you're based in NY...I'm curious whereabouts....?

MC: "The ladies are in Manhattan and the gentlemen are in Brooklyn. I think 3/4 of us will be Brooklyn soon, though."

Who does what in the band...or doesn't it matter...

MC: "I'm the drummer. Kevin sings and plays keys. Cat sings and plays some guitar. Michally is the bass."

I'm loving the rhythmic push of yr songs...slight Fall influence I can hear in there...also reminds me a little of some of the late 70s/80s Ze Records/Mutant Disco stuff.....loving the electronics on "Born of a Star".....but interested in how would you describe yr music...?

MC: "Sometimes we say "a cowboy walks into a disco"...Sometimes we say "B-52s without the kitsch"...Others have said "Fleetwood Mac meets Tom Tom Club" and "Gospel-Hop-Electro-Country," and we like those descriptions as well. Nothing makes us happier when others hear the same things we hear in our own music."

You said a single will be out late summer....Is there gonna be a vinyl....?

MC: "For now the single will be a digital-only release on Playlouderecordings. There are no plans for vinyl yet, but we'd love to get our music into the hands of as many DJs as possible. The first single will most likely be "County Fair (Part Two)".

Playlouderecordings...does that mean we can expect to see you in the UK sometime?

MC: "Yes, we hope to return to the UK to support the single. We played Trash and Invitation to Dance/Queens of Noize last month and we're eager to get back."

Just wondered: do you ever bump into the boys from DFA ...Tim Goldsworthy, Jon Galkin, your travels in and around Brooklyn....?

MC: "My old band worked with James Murphy back in 1997 before DFA was around. But our paths don't cross much anymore. I'm not sure if the DFA guys have ever heard our music..."

Go and Check the tunes on their MySpace. And also here. They're pretty cool: a New New Wave Pop/Dance Hybrid that oozes all sorts of influences and holds plenty of promise...

"Country Fair (Part Two)" is great, I reckon. Someone please put out a twelve of them pronto...


At 2:06 pm, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

I love anything vaguely linked to the God-like genius that is Mark E Smith. I shall go and have a listen. I really need to go and play some loud music now but Ant seems to be playing Van Der Graaf Generator at the moment. It will be a long time before I can get to the CD player. I wonder where you can get that download from.

Hopefully see you soon Kek. I will e-mail you re the MP3 when I've done it. I'm hoping sometime this week. If I need help uploading it I'll give you a shout. Have to go now as they are coming to collect the computer today. *Makes sad sounds*

You are an inspiration mateyxx

At 2:16 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Hey Moll - how's it goin'...!

I'm a bit of a Van Der Graaf fan myself, actually...

Hey, thanks for the recording, if/when you get a chance to do it...but no probs if yr too busy! If the file's quite big, then send it via Yousendit....dunno if you use it already, but if you don't, then it's free service that you can use to email music and biggish files to's ideal for mp3s and stuff...their site is here:


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