Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Fabulous cracked Finnish comix and retardo graphics from the marvellousss Boing Being kollectiv:

Finnish comix...yep! Didn't give a monkeys about whether I could actually, y'know, read it or anything, but (as it 'appens) they've got subtitles for the Hard of Finno-Ulgric.

Lovely stuff it is, too: If you like Neo-Art Brut or bizarro-outsider existento-expressionist chaos w/ a dash o'Folkkkkkk Art thrown into the food-blender, then you'll dig this fullsome stuff.

Think: Art Spegleman's Raw, or Blab!

There's a few names in here that even a UK West Country Surrender-Monkey like me can recognise, like Roope Eronen from Lal Lal Lal who was so kind and helpful last year when I wrote my artikaal on the history of Finnish Freak-Out for Dazed & Confus'd...and Sami Aho and Tommy Musturi...

Dunno about you, but I'm off to score a copy of Glomp #7!


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