Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Kinda churlish of me, I thought, bigging-up their Post-Bo Diddley CD, but not mentioning Matt and Erika and The Bummer Road's recent double-vinyl release "Mother of Thousands" on Time-Lag.

Check it; it's fucking fabulous, mixing, as it does, blissful trans/temperal blast-offs w/ astral-pastural gtr-picking...Subtitled: Ragas, Blues & Hollers of the Mountain, slide-guitar and electric jug never sounded sooo otherworldly. UFOs hovering over derelict ghost towns. Mythic inner-desert shimmerscapes...Echo-flange and fuzz-banjo benedictions...

F-featuring a superstar cast of thousands incl. Nemo, Tim Barnes, Samara Lubelski, Sparrow Wildchild, Mo' Jiggs...the question you should be askin' yrself right now is why ain't this playing on my deck?

"Anthem of the Cocola Y&T" is a 13-min journey thru the forgotten foothills of yr mind; sawed fiddles, shotgun shacks and synaptic scrublands populated by stoned railroad girls...shwirrling sounds echoing up from inside the abandoned copper-mines; "There's aliens down there, I'm tellin' ya...I see'd 'em glowing in the dark like a majik cactus lantern...skulls all bulgin' out w/ eyes like peyote buttons...Xlxwllr, they called 'emslves; heard their damn voices in my head, like a gramophone rekkid playin' at the wrong speed and me all messed up on moonshine..."

'Course, you also need to check their LP "Fantastic String Music" and it truly is fantastic: dissonant oriental lunar-blues that makes explicit the connection between Bluegrass and the violin-scraping antics of the 60s NY Loft Scene Minimalists. This is some sorta wonderful ltd-edition w/ a handmade cover, but it's mine and you ain't having it, bub!

"Fantastic String Music" is destined to become some sort of major psychclassik in years to come, if it ain't already. Shining steel-gtr, sitar & sruti-box drone: transcendental & translucent: this is music that glimmers and shines like the moon piercing thru late-summer cloud-cover: a celebration of the Great Insideoutdoors...


At 5:24 am, Blogger gentle force said...

far out! I love the way you describe these albums and the songs within them... I really nedd to hear this album now! you are going to make me a broke man if you keep posting about such lovely music!... oh well, keep it up anyway ;o)

At 9:13 am, Blogger kek-w said...

How ya doin', man? Everyone needs to hear these records///well, okay, not everyone, maybe...

keep meaning to add ya to my link-list, GF...must get on the case!

At 3:22 am, Blogger Spiker said...

Hi Kek,
I see this lot have been added to the ATP Minehead lineup, seems like everyone on the bill I have read about first on your Blog - I think you are Thurston Moore in disguise and I claim my Sonic Youth T-Shirt!
I see early eighties US Punk legends "Flipper" have also been added. Ray reckons their impression will not be as good as hers but that Dolphin never could play fast guitar llke they do.
Great to see you last weekend - that sure was some party. Looking forward to seeing the new FALL lineup down in Bournemouth next weekend, should be great.

At 10:21 am, Blogger kek-w said...

Have they? Oh, brilliant! I was gonna go and see 'em in Bristol...

Yeah, Flinty asked me if I was actually curating the festival!

Fantastic party...I had a great time...thanks to you and Ray for your hospitality. Who made that chick-pea curry thing...was it Ray or Amy...that was fantastic. Have you got a recipe for that?

Thanks for letting me play Man at 4 in the morning :-) You guys are the best!

Yeah, Fall looks good!...I think Flinty's got some tickets...


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