Friday, July 14, 2006


Of course, this is nothing else but a cynical exercise to get my hit rates up. (Yeah, riiiiight...)

More Flemish Zombieporn tm from V/VM, Belgian New Beat's very own Dungeon-Master. This time there are videos to go w/ the tracks.

Not for the fainthearted or prudish, but if you're into the idea of, er, solarised cum (sounds like a Coil album, don't it), then the "Rough Sex" EP is for you.

(Stands back aghast as hundreds of sex-starved bloggers discard copies of assorted Penguin Classics and stampede past him, their untucked shirt-tails flapping in the wind behind them..."hey, wait for me!")

I love the twisted diy ethik on display here: download it, filter it and post it. Fuck, Jamie Reid would be proud. I totally marvel at James' ability to sonically (and visually) squeeze all the juice out of sex and reduce it down to a meaningless meatpuppet activity....but I reckon the videos could have gone even, no, not that way!...what I mean is, they could have been filtered/solarised even more: the best bits are when you can't quite work out what's what and who's who (okay, I know, I'm weird...)...I'd also love to see the post-pornvideo equivalent of the SABAM cover, with grotesquely stretched figures and distorted faces that match the disturbing detuned synths and crunchy, jackboot beats...and, remember my comments about "Society"?...well, I reckon you could have fun doing a cheap Screaming Mad George Does Dallas type surrealist body-horror meets porn meets.... but, jesus, what am I thinking: then we'd be talking about upping the production-values and you'd lose that whole hit-and-run feel, the video-equivalent to punk-graphics...ah, but, fuck it, top marks to Vee for, er, taking the time to titilate us...

I am worried about myself, one point during one of the tracks, the video was running full-tilt but I caught myself thinking: "Hey, nice snare sound..."

Need. To. Get. Out. More.


At 8:04 am, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

No. Don't go out more. We love your posts. I love that idea of blurring the boundaries between bodies - think 'Tetsuo', think 'Videodrome', think 'Existenz' - I love it. There is something distinctually 'blurring' about sexual acts anyway and people tend to just melt into one another and the 'climax' of 'Society' is one such moment. I was fascinated by it. I think 'Rabid' also captures that feeling at the end in the swimming pool. I like the idea of the mingling of the machine/body limits too. Hybrid/cyborg beings with implanted bits of metal. Marvellous.

And to have that music at the same time. I think that kind of makes it. Music can make a moment.

At 9:20 am, Blogger doppelganger said...

Man I'm afraid to watch - lately all I've done is confirm my wife's worst fears about bloggerdom.....

At 10:21 am, Blogger kek-w said...

Yea - swimming-pool in "Rabid": good call!

Ditto: "Tetsuo" and cronenberg in general...

"There is something distinctually 'blurring' about sexual acts anyway and people tend to just melt into one another..."

Sex as transformational/alchemical/magickal act...Vee adopts the opposite...a reductive/subtractive approach, boiling off the bullshit and presenting sex as the frantically perfunctive (is that a word) rubbing of skinssurfaces against each other...stripped of magic and love, this joyless meatsex also strips bare the processes used by the glamadvertising mediafashion congloms to accelerate and sell our own fascinations and obsessions back to us.

But darned if he don't make some cracking tunes, though. Heh.

At 9:14 pm, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

I'm not sure if I meant 'blurring' in an idealised way. I kind of meant it in that way whereby some part of you is lost. And the loss of your own brain in some ways. Perhaps that's why Burroughs always had talking butts and mechanical sexualised typewriters. I think my word 'melting' has connotations doesn't it? You know...the cliched, romanticised versions of romance/sex. It is quite frightening in a way. The loss of control (in some circumstances). But...strangely...sometimes...the isolation of it too. Yes..I think you're right - that is what Vee is trying to show too. The selfishness sometimes. And the frantic.


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