Friday, May 26, 2006


Apologies for the lack of, erm, meaty posts recently....stuck in the middle of some s/rious freelance deadlines, right now. Cleared one batch o'work an' another pile arrives, but I ain't complainin', no's a fuckin' privilige to ((semi-)professionally) talk to people who rock my world on a regular'z just that I *sob* miss hanging out w/ you guys more often.

There's sooooo much music/shit I'd like to be posting about, but, as usual, I've got a 2 month backlog of cool LPs and stuff that I just haven't had the time to yip about. Fear not, though, O faithful ones...will continue to post as regular as poss. but those yawnsome 2/3-pagers I was once infamous for posting might be on the back-burner for a week or two (no great loss, probably), buuuuut got some reel nice interviews in the can I ain't hadda chance to transcribe yet, and some sock-blowin' neu musik (und films) waiting in the wings to throw at y'all.....

O/bviously, feedin' the kids takes priority, but I'm missing that slack-time to talk shit vibe that makes blogging such sheer pleasure.

Hang Looooose.


At 9:37 am, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

You just carry on doing what you're doing. I love all of your posts...however long or short. They are wonderful. So there. Just don't think you can have one of my Cherry Drops just coz I said that...alright?

Can you get Dom to give me that Pokemon toy back. He stole it from my pencil case.


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