Friday, May 05, 2006


Big up Appleblim from Skull Disco Cru!

Many thanks to Mala and Skream for yr time and patience. And cheers to Burial too...

To anyone going to saturday's DMZ: have a great time! (What a stupid thing to say: of course you will...)

And thanks to United Vibes for posting that excellent Dubstep History Mix on Dissensus recently....absolutely terrifik stuff, I think: post-millennial Dark Garage vibes...the g/rage roots of you-know-what...Lordy, but I've been kaning this to death...

Horsepower – Classic Deluxe [Tempa]
Artwork – The Soul [White]
DJ Abstract – Identity Crisis [Vehicle]
Bogeyman Vs Lombardo – Disturbed DJ Abstract Touch [Tempa]
Phuturistix – 551 Blues [Locked On]
El-B & Blaze – The Club [Ghost]
Horsepower – Let’s Dance [Tempa]
Horsepower – Electro Bass [Turn U On]
Nude – Digitize [Shelflife]
El-B & Roxy – Express [Ghost Ltd]
El-B – Lyrical Tempo [Ghost]
Hyper-Hypa and Julius feat. MC Juiceman – Congo Fever [Shelflife]
High Plains Drifter feat. Goldspot Productions – Sholay (epic mix) [Tempa]
Menta – Snake Charmer [Road]
Artwork – Red [Big Apple]
El-B – Two Thousand [Ghost]
Oris Jay – Biggin Up The Massive [Urban Underground]
Zed Bias – Pretty Pretty [Kritical Mass Productions]
El-B feat. MC Juiceman – Buck & Bury [Ghost]
Daluq – Supafine [Soulja]
Exemen – Far East [Manchu]
Darqwan – Confused ? [Texture]
Darqwan – Pipe Dreams [Soulja]
Menta – Rubba [Sounds of the Future]
Horsepower – Gorgon Sound [Tempa]
Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold [Groove Chronicles]

I fucking love "The Soul"'s just so, soooo...aaaaarrrrrrgggh....

I'm totally ashamed to say I pretty much totally missed out on all this stuff (apart from Horsepower)...I never followed Garage for a number of vague & dumb reasons: (a) chronic health-problems when the scene was peaking, (b) living in a rural area w/out access to broadband/pirates (no excuse, really...because, a bit later on, Grime caught my interest enuff on to actively seek some stuff out; maybe I was just put off by the bling...) and (c) my own pig/headed ignorance/failure to engage when my head-space was at somewhere else (man)... all snivelling excuses, really...

I came at Dubstep via instrumental Grime and an early Warp Records/vintage 70s Dubhead sensibility, but the last few days have made me curious and got me looking backwards, trying to retro-engineer D/step's origins...and, as a consequence, I've had a bit of a Damascus moment listening to this stuff God knows how long after everyone else on the planet went there, bought the T-Shirt and went home again...

I've been hearing so much about El-B recently that I knew I'd have to start rooting some stuff out, but I was soooo ashamed of myself this week when I realised I didn't (gulp) know who Artwork was (yeah, I know, I know...) this mix arrived at exactly the right time. Tune!

Yeah, all these coked-up, hyperkinetic, twitchy, detail-obsessed, dark-energy beats have really been hitting a spot for me...just the right amount of paranoid druggy darkness... fuck, Garage...who woulda thought it.


At 2:52 pm, Blogger paul autonomic said...

this has been a really good one for me too. i'm chronically living in the wrong place to be able to pick up such things very easily. and i had some misonceptions about what uk garage actually was before i got at it backwards via grime and dubstep. i'd like a few more sets like this to fill in the gaps. grievous angel's 'abstract 2step' mix was fantastic. and there are some good old kode 9 sets now on barefiles.

At 7:24 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

There's a 'History of Dubstep' compilation coming out on Tempa pretty soon wh/ features some of the pre-history Dark Garage stuff...should be well worth checking out too, I reckon.

Will check out the Abstract2step mix too...I've just bought a cheapo mp3 playa in the last few days which is opening up some doors for me....


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