Saturday, May 06, 2006


From Dark Garage to a different kind of Dark Funk...from Antwerp-based electronic muso-prankster Bobby Colombo (who, if the disinfo press-release apocrypha is to believed, stays at home and only listens to Kraftwerk and David Bowie):

Anyway, this 7" is totally great. It borrows some orchestral shit from Bela Bartok and wears its K/werk chord-progressions w/ its heart on its sleev and its tongue in its cheek, but ends up sounding like a Georgio Moroder (one-man) pub tribute band. Tinny, 4-track mid-80s production values, pumping octave-bass synth-line, a 5-quid drum-box and a string-maschine so treble-y that only cats can hear it conspire to create a strangely-haunting/oddly-effecting synth-funk mini-meisterpiece which sounds like the theme to a Zanussi advert that was taped off the telly in '86 and then copied off an old VHS that's been mouldering in the attic ever since. The b-side is a mini/mal Munich Machine instrumental; an out-take from the "Midnight Express" soundtrack that was abandoned 'cause the keyboards kept going out of tune. Fab.

More grisly details here. (Keep clicking: it's one of those ever-changing photo-pages...)

Available from the usual suspects, or those lovely, lovely people at Ultra Eczema.


At 5:26 am, Blogger iatromante said...

I know Bobby since many years, It is true, he mainly listen to Bowie and Kraftwerk, some Dylan and Weather Report too I thinkā€¦ Anyway: i need to get back to A'pen and aquire his cake asap (or i'll web-order it).

At 7:15 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Cool! Say hello to him from me!


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