Sunday, April 02, 2006


Speaking of Sabbaff...finally got round to scoring a copy of "V V I T C H" by Todd end of last week. (Great title, btw!) Available, as usual, from those lovely people at Riotseason. Todd, as I've mentioned before is Craig from Shit and Shine's other band. Yeah, I know, it's been out there for ages, but I'm a lazy little creep, as you all well know. Still, better late than never, I say.

3-track 7" on evil-looking grey vinyl. "East Coast West Coast" is syrup-thick w/ distortion...what you thought was fluff on the needle is actually yr own cranial matter leaking out thru yr left ear. This is the aural equivalent of drain-scrapings, as heard thru a railway platform tanoy: grubby, murk-encrusted and full of righteous self-loathing. I think Todd have accidentally created the perfect soundtrack for Ballard's "Crash": music that's all revv'd-up on sweat, speed and self-harm, but w/ nowhere to go except the graveyard or the junkyard...Grimier than anything Ruff Sqwad have produced for a while, it's an exhilarating lo-bandwidth ride into an 8mm monochrome urban Hades...

Things don't get any better on the other side: "Black Skull" is a demented dry cranial-hump of a tune that sounds like a locked-groove recording of a Russian car-factory accompanied by an amplified dentist's drill and a drummer who's being butchered by a madman down the end of a bad phone-line. But the louder you play it, the more it makes sense. "Lamenting a Maiden" is a lumbering bulldozer of a track (driven by red-robed worshippers of a forgotten Cannibal God) that flattens your house, your car, your wife and finally you. As you die, images of blood-smeared animal skulls rotate and swirl in front of yr eyes, as seen thru some sort of hellish kaleidoscope.

And when you are finally done, they tie knots in yr entrails, blow into them and inflate them like balloons, the little fuckers.

The band're playing London in a coupla weeks. If you go and see them, wear armour.


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