Thursday, April 13, 2006


Pleased to report that this...

is every bit as cool as this. I think "Natural History" is a CDr reissue of some early self-released cassette recordings...slightly less self-assured than Death Chants' S/T release on Time-Lag, but totally terrific nevertheless: still, hard to believe these guys have only been going for a year or so...

Initially: mouuuurnful fiddle-strings chase an accoustic guitar around the garden like over-sized bees...the music rattles and rustles around in the bushes; squawks and warbles until it gets out of breath, then has to sit dn for a few minutes...

Later: we descend down into a small galaxy that spins and whirls in the corner of someone's bedroom: tiny plumes of white-hot matter spit and sizzle outwards at several million degrees kelvin while someone plays a glockenspiel and throws toys at a chest of drawers: how can anyone make music that is able to so wonderfully & simultaneously reference both the macro-cosmic and the awkwardly worldly and banal, huh? The Big-Bang whimpers as entire universes collapse and implode into a crackling camp-fire strumalong; see! the unimaginable is able to happily coexist w/ our own fragile, small human gestures...ain't it wunnerful that this is possible; that everything is possible?

The ghosts of Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks hover over this music, smiling down beatifically, their images stretched out across light-years of superheated interstellar dust: this is Swell Maps rehersing in their garage, 1978...drummerless and bible-black, floating out thru the door on a final diminishing harmonium chord, ascending from the garden-shed clutter of tools and old paint-cans out into the vastness of the Great Beyond...

These days, I seem to have a new favourite band in the whole wide world at least twice a week. How cool is that? I may even have to buy a cassette-player just so I can get DC's tape-only recordings.

I asked Paul from the group about his modular-synth and he said:

"I don't have a pic of my system, but it's a Doepfer (the traveling man's modular.) It looks like this...

except I also have some different modules including a ribbon controller, some foot pedals and a bunch of exotic sound processors in addition to yr standard synth components. We patch a lot of external sound through it and it often acts as a hub that a bunch of us play through simultaneously. I'll probably be ordering some more modules this month.

Have you heard about the S-1000? (It's an analogue synth w/ valves...)

Or the obscure but amazing Cocolase Device?"

Dammit, Paul: now I want a Cocolase!


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