Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Just arrived back from an insanely debauched 24hr road-trip w/ Farmer Glitch, only to have this charming 'construction' worthy of Marcel Duchamp presented to me as I walked in the front door (having not slept for 32hrs).

Glad to see the girls have not been idle in my absence.

This morning I had breakfast w/ a Tourettes sufferer in a cafe in Stoke's Croft, something that, if I am totally honest, I was not mentally best positioned to deal with.

Anyway, had an excellent road-trip: The Farmer was excellent company, as ever. Thanks to Craig for being a superb host...jeez, that brandy...

Great to see everyone out last night. But who was that spectral figure lurking near the bar in The Academy? The striking resemblance to Kurt Russell in "The Thing" reminded me of...but,, it can't be: h-he's dead, isn't he?

Didn't expect a great deal from The Fall, to be honest, but they were on cracking of the best times I've seen them...however, a few too many 'crowd-pleasers' in the set and, as The Farmer says, they can be a bit too polished in places. The second half of the show, in particular, touched on astonishing in places: some piledriving Rockabilly-Motorik on display here. The rhythm-section certainly earned their pay last night. Nice to see Smith & Co. finally tapping into The Big Drone and making an explicit connection back to the 60s NY Loft/Transendental Drone Scene via The VU. When we got back Craig coincidentally put on "Sister Ray" which kinda put everything into (a weird drunken) perspective for me.

Rumours that I slipped and fell over in the Mosh Pit and had to be helped up by some young people are just that, rumours. Repeat 'em and you'll be hearing from my solicitor.

Right, I'm off to bed.


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