Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Another stonking V/VM Belgian New Beat flava'd mp3 available, here.

Meanwhile, V/VM himself checked in recently w/ some news:

"Am off to Belgium this coming weekend...gonna have a night out in Brussels and meet up with this guy over there who is putting out a (new) V/VM New Beat 12" (on Me/We)...I think most of the 12" are MP3s which I've uploaded as part of 365, plus some exclusive MP3s...not sure of a release date, but reckon it will be around summer...

"Am also working on a noise 5" single for some Austrians which is limited to 30 copies!"

"I found out the other day that dDamage and also Sickboy have been asked to remix the Confetti's 'Sound of C' for a legitimate remix release on USA Import... my invitation must have been lost in the post :-)

"Anyway, will try and mix up the 365 with some darker stuff real soon; finding time each day to do something is as tough as I thought it would be, but the challenge is fun... it gets odd bits of online press too, seems like some people in the Czech Republic were suspicious of it because you can't give music away for free (or something like that) without people thinking you don't value what you are doing... it's all part of the challenge though."


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