Friday, March 31, 2006


Is no one even remotely irritated by the fact that The House of Lords 'disagreement in principle' to the idea of a National Identity Card Scheme suddenly evaporated a day or so back after Home Secretary Charles 'big ears' Clarke threatened them w/ an all-night parlimentary sitting...?

So, what're we saying here, that the UK will now have a biometric identity card system in 2010 because a group of 300+ hereditary peers and rent-a-lord political-party donors couldn't be bothered to stay awake during an all-night debating session. That 'resistance' to one of the biggest civil-liberty issues of modern times should basically fold out of sheer fucking laziness is a disgrace of monumental proportions...(and let's not even get into the bloody concept that 300 people, mostly political-appointees, have the power to fuck-over 60million or so people: boy, let's hear it for democracy, eh?) ...but the fact that they expect us to fund our own enslavement is just taking the piss!

What's equally scary is the general lack of media coverage that this seems to be getting...and no one on the street seems to be particularly fussed whether we take another step towards the creation of Blairstrip One...why's no one getting angry about this? Why does no one seem to be up in arms about it?

Ah, could it be because they're not gonna be collecting your fingerprints and retinal-scans for a couple more years yet...2010 seems an awful long way off, don't it? But wait 'til they start sending the bills out to Little Englander households, then the Daily Mail reading little piggies'll start squealing faster'n you can say "Council tax increases". See, Little Britain's not fussed about much particularly until they have to pay for it. Mosley could be in charge for all they care, as long as they can afford to run two cars and England does okay in The World Cup.


Only the Liberal Democrats stood up and opposed the introduction of biometric identity cards. Those of you in the UK still awake or alive ought to bear that in mind when the next round of local elections come round.

There's a musical tribute to Mr. Clarke and his id-cards performed by some weird-looking animals here.


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