Saturday, February 25, 2006


Some misc. bits and pieces by me currently up in the 7" and LP review section of the FACT magazine website...expect loads more to appear over the coming days and weeks, as they've just offered me a semi-regular (other committments allowing) gig as moosic reviewer.

...and also some micro-reviews of mine in the current paper edition of FACT (#12)... I also wrote the groovy little side-bars for the Folk article in the same ish: in fact, I'm known in the biz as, er, The Side-Bar King (or is it The Mini-Bar King, I forgetsssh...) Hopefully, more to follow.

I like the general vibe at FACT...the paper-stock they use, and the funky, punky, day-glo graphix and the zippy, enthusistic tone of the contributors remind me of the early days of i-D mag and give it a sort of Pro Fanzine feel...I'm in some seriously great company there: lots of cool writerly/blogging folk like Woebot (hey, big love right back atcha, man!) and Dave Katz, and (yay!) Simon Silverdollar's doing some stuff for them and I think I've spotted Dave Stelfox and Trevor Jackson prowling round there too...

Woebot's piece on Prog, combined w/ his recent book-end blog-post, roughly parallels a few wee-small-hours inner-dialogues I've been having w/ myself over the last few months, and I'm finally starting to come to the scarily-inescapable conclusion that Prog might be the way to go...


At 12:49 pm, Blogger Cloudboy said...

a Kuupuu review - great start


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