Monday, February 27, 2006


Blakey: Thee Most Illuminated One...ordained Supreme Magister Templi (Master of the Temple) of the Hackney Chapter of Thee Eso-Thelemik Nth Order of the Silver Dawn (A.·.O.·.R.·.P.·.), following a pitched pyschik battle on the astral plane w/ zealots of The Parzival XVI° O.L.O. Foundation and their master Chorlozon, Red Lord of the Fifth Abyss. East End residents said it rained worms for days afterwards.

Blakey was friends w/ Cocteau in Paris after the war, where it's whispered he had connections w/ The Priory of Zion. It's rumoured they collaborated on an unpublished novel and he is seen briefly in a cameo in Cocteau's "Les Enfants Terribles". He also knew Paul Eluard, Max Ernst and DuChamp, who was a regular chess partner. Sartre famously said of him: "Ici, c'est un homme!" ("Here is a man!") Blakey was briefly imprisoned after he broke Andre Breton's nose in a Parisian cafe brawl and left the city shortly after, vowing never to return. His sexual conquests allegedly include Jane Bowles, Marlene Dietrich and Mia Farrow. Ron Mael modelled his entire look on him.

He was sacked by London Transport in 1978 after a minor Zorastrian diety was found in a small corked bottle in his locker.


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i'm believing every word - just look at that angst ridden face


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