Friday, December 23, 2005


My favourite Indonesian composer (and all-round groovy guy) Yasudah is currently up in Jakarta as a guest speaker along w/ two other composers (Dody Satya and Agus Bing) at a music event titled "Susah Sembuh" ("Difficult to Heal") by Komunitas Bunyi (Sound community) Jakarta and Music Group "Ketuk" Bandung.

His wife Susana just passed on the following message to me from him:

"Three days ago, 19th December 2005, at around five in the morning, I had a dream: Seven compositions from my CD "SoloSelusurSoloensis" had turned into human beings. They were confused and disoriented. One of them asked me: "Are we supposed to play music now like the ones we used to be, or what?"

First I was stunned, and then I answered 'In my opinion you don't need to become musicians at all, if you don't want to...let alone even play the same kind of music. The challenge is: how to live your life in the future.'"

I love the idea of your own music manifesting itself to you in quasi-human guise and then debating its own future evolution w/ you: that is so cool. I am sooo looking forward to hearing whatever Yasudah comes up with next, and I wish him all the best.

Hmm. What is the visual/thoughtform equivalent of, for example, Dubstep or Free-folk, I wonder? Some mangled mental musings to follow soon as I emerge from the post-flu fugue-state that's left my cranium contents looking like a colander full of cold noodles.