Saturday, December 17, 2005


Pirate Goth fashions available here, or Caves of Yeovil.

Apparently, though, Yeovil's really great for clothes! Well, shiver me timbers, I didn't realise that.

"Contrary to 'popular' belief "Gone Potty" isn't for Satanists," says the Yeovil shopping reviewer. Phew, glad to hear it! For non-locals: "Gone Potty" is Yeovil's very own crystal/New Age/Gothware shop.

Pirate Metal forum here.

Dark Cove sound fantastic. Their press-puff says: "Dark Cove play West-country based Pirate Black Metal Mackeral Extreme, exclusively. Necro Shanties to awaken that ancient devil who sleeps in the depths. To hear them is to hate them!"

I particularly like the fact that they appear to have pinched the Westward TV logo.

Their bio reads: "Am soon to die, have heard ancient shanties. Mist outside, pirates cackle in the distance. Should never have sought, for should never have heard. Not much is known of members of Dark Cove crew. Government files on the Captain are restricted. No records of the other crew-members. In 1989, a strange skeleton was washed up on a Devon beach. Reports of a baboon with a rat for its face. Coves where no person goes. Locals affeared, there is great madness on the cliffs. Swarthy men creep through unlit villages at nightime..." (Sounds like Martock to me.) Gawd, that's really ace, but the syntax/spelling needs a bit of tightening up, me buckos. Still, reading that makes me feel strangely jealous: I really wish they'd asked me to write their copy; I could really get into character here, I feel. I'd so looove to be the #1 Pirate Metal copywriter...

They do need to buck up their wardrobe ideas, though. But, hey, what da fuck's this...the text says: "Photo of the late fisherman whose nets caught the unholy records off the South Devon coast."

"Muuuuuummmmmmeeeee! I'm scared! That funny man's looking at me..."


Just been digging some recently-arrived limited-edition self-published chapbooks, pt together by musician/artist Steven R Smith:

Both contain a fistful of seriously groovy sketches and linocuts by Steven:

Man, I looove stuff like this.

"This chapbook," says a note at the back of the one called "These Villages", "may or may not accompany the Hala Strana release 'These Villages.'"

There's also an interesting mention here of Gustav Mesmer, "The Icarus of the Lauter valley" (1903-1994): schizophrenic inventor and builder of flying-bicycles. There's some stuff here about Mesmer and the nut-house that they eventually incarcerated him in. Mesmer also, less famously, conceptualised and built a bunch of unlikely hybrid musical instruments like the guitar-trumpet, etc...

Available, as usual, from Steven's site, along w/ a raftful of other goodies.


Blahblahblah...there's a small pseudo-travelogue piece by me on the city of Solo, Java, in the latest (January?) issue of Dazed & Confused magazine, which includes references to the infamous & cheesy "I Am Fuck DJ" dangdut mix-VCD and twisted-genius musician-composer Yasudah. But you read it here first, o ye insatiable trendmongers.

Xtra-spesh thanks to leading psychedelic batik artist Circle Brophy for helping me research the piece w/ about 30 seconds notice. Props to you and the lovely Rehane, man.