Wednesday, December 14, 2005


"Invasion of the Blood Farmers": more Z-movie filmed-live-in-Chard mayhem, this time directed in '72 by Ed Adlum and co-written by maverick screenwriter, playwrite and Creem contributer Ed Kelleher, who sadly died earlier this year. Kelleher was also, more famously, responsible for writing "Shriek of the Mutilated". There's a very funny tribute to him here that involves him and a mate going to see Lou Reed on opium. Apparently, at drive-ins in the Mid-West, people used to turn up to see "Invasion of the Blood Farmers" on tractors...

Competition Time: time to play Spot the Ten Differences...

1) Original B&W poster:

2) And for all you sad gorespotters out there, a recent 'colourised' DVD cover:

Good grief: they've airbrushed out the woman's legs, I guess to make the image look less cluttered; call me an old-fashioned traditionalist perv but I prefer the original, awkward legs akimbo pose...also lost a couple of bats sillhouetted against the moon, and the moon's white, not blood-red...and that guy squatting down in front of what appears to be a privy, he's gone too...and...and they've repainted the demented hillbilly-farmer's face...hey, what the fuck...the girls a blonde now and she's showing loads more cleavage...I...

Oh wait...ah, I gedddit....they've completely repainted/recreated the image and produced something that's presumably more appealing to a contempo teen splatter-addict demographic...

Well, that's cleared that up, then.


Been working my way through this recently:

It really is a terrific read if you're into this sort of music, and at 70+ pages it's great value for money. Thoroughly recomended.

"Support Used Record Stores While We Still Have Them," it says on the inside of the cover. Couldn't agree more.

Can't spot an obvious website for these guys, but if you google around you'll find that it's available from all the usual suspects.