Monday, December 12, 2005


Okay, fright-fans, this one is def. worth a check:

The Stink of Death (great title!) is a no-budget zom-film from director Scott Philips who also helmed Science Bastard (see below):

Following a Romero-esque zombie plague/apocalyptic collapse of civilisation, a pair of swinging libertines (Nathan and Dexy) start to run out of sexual partners because everyone else is, uh, dead. To keep up w/ Dexy's voracious sexual appetite, Nathan recruits a renegade zombie-hunter called Matool (geddit!) as a potential stud to service his ladyfriend. Matool specialises in dispatching the living-dead with his trusty hammer and a fistful of nails, so, naturally, bucketloads of sexploitative gore ensues, including some, er, naked shaved female zombies with, um, nipple-piercings. There's a sex-scene involving mutant conjoined-twins, someone gets spanked w/ some plastic Hot Wheels track and Nathan gives a zombie a bloody good seeing-to.

Sounds like a normal night out in Chard to me.

"Oi, 'andsome! Izzat a bottle o'White Lightnin' in yer pocket or are yer jest pleezed to see I?"