Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Fantastic: I laughed til me teef fell out. Chris had to wheel me over to the commode so I could empty me bag out.

Farmer Glitch on Rave Situationism.

Man, I wish you'd been able to make it to Plasticman; I just know you woulda luvv'd it.

Funnily enuff I was talking to Chris at tea-time about celebrity, and we were both saying how sick we were of it/them..."Why don't we just ignore them?" we asked each other simultaneously. "All of them. They thrive on our fascination, our jealousy, our own inate need for fame, money, glamour, escape. So why don't we just stop talking about them...Stop buying their product and the papers and mags that run their pictures...why don't we just turn our backs on them...?" It seemed such a simple, radical idea. Too good to be true.

Trouble is, we just need a few million more people to join in.