Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Check out evil, twisted Art-Genius Nathan Fox here.

Nathan recently left his hidden junk-yard Art-Lair in Milwaukee and took off for San Francisco in a custom-built Hot Rod hand-made from dead people's garbage wh/ had Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth's head mounted on the hood.

The Reciever Gallery in SF put on an exhibition called "The Young Man's Game" that featured Nathan and fellow MACHISMO member Corey Goering: this is Pop-Art gone off the rails...twisted and bent out of shape, then warmed up until it smells like burnt milk. I really like "Only Knows What She'll See".

Fox's art is the cultural equivalent of a multiple-car pile-up involving disfigured muppets, middle-aged bookies and alcoholic hookers, hyperdelic Neo-Kaiju, 60's cheesecake idolettes and demonic Japanese puppet-figures invoked or, rather, retro-engineered from some lost, forbidden Ukiyo-e woodblocks from the 1790's. He's also drawn Batman.

Saddle up, hombres, there's a new sheriff in town.