Tuesday, November 08, 2005


If you've got any interest in (modern) electronic music whatsoevah, then treat yrself to a copy of this:

Skream is on some monstrous muthahfucking roll right now. "Midnight Request Line" (on Tempa) has been floating around Digital Cockneyland for weeks on dubplate, mp3 mixes and Pre' it's finally been unleashed on twelve for us poor rural folk down here in the West Country. Its reputation as an enormous tune is totally justified: this is a bassquaking monster that prowls the moonlit garden paths of yr imagination, eating live badgers and cats. A strangely catchy synth-line on this one that'll worm its way into yr head, twinned w/ monolithic this the tune that'll finally push Dubstep towards mainstream acceptance? Dunno, not for me to say. But I like it lots.

The B-Side ("I"...or is that "1"?) is fucking fabulous though: music to stalk yr next-door neighbour's wife, or hang around a windswept 5am garage forecourt in an SAS balaclava, red-eyed and strung-out, watching the blurred lights from passing traffic hiss past in the rain. Spooky and fucked-up...uneasy, queasy (beastly Beasley Street)...the sound of someone's sanity slowly unravelling. Fantastic.

Bring on "28g"!

Meanwhile, this 7" is also totally fucking wicked (but for totally different reasons):

"Dem a Bomb We" by The Bug feat. Warrior Queen. More bombastic, high-steppin' militant Raggacore mayhem from Kevin Martin w/ a caustic, conscious lyrikal offensive from Da Queen that slices thru the bullshit political fall-out from the London (and Baghdad) bombings, before concluding: "There are some crazy motherfuckers out there..." Raw, futuristic, Low-end Noisehall that shudders and bounces, spitting venomous bile at the Unrighteous. A little 7", but a big, big follow-up to the bassbin-wrecking "Gun Disease" (w/ Cutty Ranks) and "Aktion Pak" (w/ Warrior Queen) singles.

"Worse 'em", as us old people used to say.