Monday, November 07, 2005


Yes, Terrific Travolta tells all: "My life as an Operating Glitterball Thetan!"

"Y'know, I can't imagine my Pre-Clear life as a young, fit and healthy seems like a distant dream now, as if I was someone else."

"One of my Engrams was a fear of flying...apparently, in a previous life I fell off a cliff, but I'm over that now...Scientology helped me understand that was all that was holding me back from getting my full pilot's licence..."

John Travalta: Disco Scientologist! Europe's Funkiest Disco-Mag is on the case again! Bringing you the stories behind the stories!

" much...healthier now!"

Well, he may be Clear, but he still can't 'smoke' in films for toffee. He does this wildly expressive hand-gesture thing when he's 'smoking' in a movie that comes off like a move he might've copped from Freddy Mercury's stage-show. Check it out some time...I'm trying to think some examples of Travolta smoking really badly in films. Lemme see, "Broken Arrow", I think. "Face: Off", maybe. Does he smoke badly in "Pulp Fiction", can't remember...I think he does in "Get Shorty".

Maybe someone stubbed a cigarette out on him in a previous life. Or perhaps he was actually film-director John Walters in his last incarnation. Either way, he obviously needs another $35,000 course to free him of this Bad Acting Smoker Engram.

Dammit, though, I wish I'd thought of this:

John Travolta, Disco-Scientologist-Pilot-Actor in Scientology Sci-Fi Blockbuster "BattleField Earth", recreated here in...what is that stuff...beads...sequins...? Lawd, but I wish it was wool...