Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Spotted, getting off the bus in Yeovil today with an elderly hunch-backed woman (presumably his wife), was the legendary Rocket Ron…of Rocket Ron & The Death-Trips infamy. I’ve touched on Ron’s brief 15-minute flirtation w/ stardom before, but it’s nice to see that the years haven’t mellowed the former binman from Thornford. They certainly haven't been kind to him either: his face was day-glo red from cider-damaged capillaries which contrasted beautifully with that pure snow-white afro of his. Jeez, I’ve seen people with sun-burn whose faces were less red. I mean, this was virtually luminous. Plus: he was sporting a 70’s style knitted tank-top and some navy-blue nylon Sta-Prez charity-shop trousers (with an elasticated waist) that, strangely, were covered in loose straw, but only at the back, as if he’d just been sat on a hay-bale, not a bus

Some things never change.


"Mine's a pint of brandy!"

Cheers for the book parcel, Dom! There'll be one coming back your way soon with those Moorcocks you were missing...

Bloody hell, he's always in the lab, that Avenger bloke.