Saturday, October 22, 2005


Martin, brilliant and fucking funny, as ever, on "'Wearside Jack'", obscure UK serial killers of the Early 80's and the Brit Post-Punk/Industrial/Schlocky Soundtrack overspill to their slayings and other nefarious activities. Indie and the C86 generation put an end to comment, flippant or otherwise, on this sort of grubby working-class unpleasantness. Eventually, we just said fuck it to Thatcher and went out dancing (Were The Black Panther and Denis Neilson just Tory media Smokescreens?)...and when the drugs got too snidey we got our our ghoulish, ambulance-chasing kicks from Darkside and Splattercore. (or Grindcore and Doom Metal ...) These days, media bogeymen (and women) wear hoodies, binge-drink, abandon their kids while they bugger off to Ibiza and hang out in Islamic bookshops. The idea that sick, loner, cannibal fucks might be out there bulk-buying washing-lines and kitchen-knives seems to have almost been relegated to a quaint, antiquated retro-concept that we can safely mentally-quarantine to Third-Word Nations like Kentucky or The Ukraine. Bizarre then, that Blue-Collar Electronic Outfits like Wolf Eyes are recording tracks like "Stabbed in the Face" or "Burned Mind" that are crossing over to a middle-class Wire-reading demographic. Some sort of unconscious reaction to US/UK politics/political-spin thing going on here, I feel sure, but I'm too tired & drunk to do the maths...

Yeah, top post, Martin.

But then, I would say that...he's just trussed up my family with gaffer-tape in the kitchen and is singing along, out of tune, to the UK Subs. Now, if I can just keep him talking 'til the contents of our medicine-cabinet take hold and he dozes off, then I might be able to reach that blow-torch in the cupboard under the sink...


Strange. Weird. Eerie.

Well, I guess that covers all the bases, then.


Petulent Gravy...The Shadow-Virgin Affair..."Look out! I-it's The Croaker!"...Jam Division Six...Beemaster's Gym...Virgil Beige: Man of Oak...The Fox-Bat All-Stars...Peppermint Rabbi...twilight in the lair of the blue snow-crabs....Moth-Knight...Clockwork Vatican Canary...Maverick Clogmaker in "The Case of The Eyeless Diva"...Naval Glue Time..."This operative of yours, were you aware he had an irrational fear of shoes?"...Egyptian Wax-Witch...Mark Paraguay in "Venereal Sponge Film No. 3"...The Secret Lives of Mr. Max Inca...Trapped in the Spaghetti Triangle...Two-Fisted Acid Tales...The Listener...Rocket-Monkey in "Foxy Bitch Wars"...Astral Time-Squeeze...The If-Men..."Take Cover! Smoke Snake Attack!"...The League of Bodiless Assassins...Hostages of The Bardok Data-Cube..."Pteradactyls over Brooklyn? This is a job for Jimmy Shimmer!"...Infant Brigade...Augustus Foxx, Surgeon of The Strange..."(I Was) Trapped by Tooombah, Science-Tyrant of Dimension-T"...

A Child's Shoe-box installation.

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