Thursday, October 20, 2005


Another Asian haunted everyday object movie....After "Ring" (a video...), "Kairo" (a website), "The Phone", "The Eye", "The Loft", "Dollmaster", "The Red Shoes" (no, no, not the fucking Judy Garland film!), "Dark Water", etc, etc... comes (cue spooky theremin & zither music) "Gabal" aka "The Wig"...a Korean ghost film from director Shin-yeon Won about, you guessed it, a haunted wig.

Actually, thinking about it...this has potential for a bucketful of strange-o imagery, or maybe it might even be a disturbing meditation on the nature of beauty, identity and self...certainly these photos hint at something dark-but-playful:

Or maybe it's some novel, unexpected fetishistic fusion of arty Glam-Noir and Pink Porno:

Or even a Post-Cronenberg Body-Horror Vibe, wherein the current owner (the wigee...?) falls victim to some sort of impoverished, otherworldly cancer of the spirit contracted from The Wig's previous wearer:

(Actually, I was just thinking that last photo would have been so much cooler if the wig was sat up on a toilet, not a bathtub...)

But, in truth, the reviews have been pretty uninspiring, with one unkind writer renaming it "Scary Hair". Apparently, the wig just kinda crawls around a bit (fairly funny in itself, I guess) or occasionally turns up places other than where you left it. *Shreeeeeeeeeeik!*

A Horror of the Ordinary is a theme oft-explored in Existentialist Literature and Surrealist Art and Film...the idea that objects can change or become hollowed-out and lacking in 'meaning' due to a Failure of Will (or life-force or joi de vie or whatever you want to call it) on the part of the observer, or that objects can have a different, even sinister, secret life (or role) when removed from the everyday wakeful world of consistently-repeatable cause-and-effect (the universe of pro-actively-percieved phenomena)...well, okay, those are all old ideas, but ones still with plenty of mileage in 'em, methinks. Maybe the bastards should've got me to write it. Perhaps they tried phoning, but I was, y'know, washing my hair that day.

What next...where next, I wonder, in the twisted universe of banal object horror? "The Milkman"? "The Kitten"? "The Kettle"? "The Bar of Soap"?

(Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing some of those!)

Or maybe "The Barrel". As in, the sound of one being scraped.