Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Finding this video-hack'd Shining Redux trailer via Rupture's site, reminded me (sorta) of the twisted genius of Damon Packard's own psychedelically spazz'd-out recut of "Grizzly", where he splices himself into scenes as an extra, adds incongruous or ridiculously amplified sound FX, splashes buckets of fake blood onto walls, cuts in additional gore and even ape and bear monsters from completely different films to create a strange feeling of dislocation that's as disturbing as it is funny.

Mind you, the original was pretty fucked to start with.

This copy courtesy of the great Mr. P hisself (nothing as la-di-dah as a proper printed cover where Damon's concerned; this is lo-rez guerilla film-making, ferchrisake. Dammit, I'll make my own...):

His website is down again, but I'll try and find out what he's currently up to...


Ah, balls...

Flinty reports that The Fall Bristol gig on the 31st has been cancelled.