Sunday, October 16, 2005


"Knows Krystal of Doom" by Soarwhole: More seriously fucked exploration of The Twisted Outer Realms:

Surprisingly linear and propulsive, despite not being shackled to the soil by anything resembling drums, first track "Spectres of Turkmenistan" initially takes its cue from the mellower end of the AMT/Kawabata back-catalogue (accoustic guitar, distant echofried vocals and some swirlin' 'n' bubblin' analogue envelope abuse). About 2 minutes in, some really disturbing (female?) vocals arrive and float like a disembodied, drunken ghost above a slooooow, corkscrewing mini-maelstrom of acc. guitars, cellos and intergalactic synth squiggles. Then Hell breaks loose: grinding electric-guitarnoise starts to chew and chainsaw into the base of the track's infrastructure, like malevalent beavers gearing up to build a dam.

Multitracked accoustics are strummmmmmed, rattled and pummelled to within an inch of their wretched lives, while their electric 6-string brethren are forced, at gun-point, to mimic various power-tools. Imagine a completely demented Space-Folk version of "Sister Ray"...or Michael Karoli's buzzsaw guitar-solo on Can's "Vernal Equinox" sampled, chopped-up and spliced-in to an early SPK synthesiser melt-down, and the end-results overdubbed onto a track by Pentangle played at the wrong speed, direction, etc.

Don't be fooled by the title, or the "Yeti"-era Duul strum-in that starts "My New Studio Appartment"...this is as venomously fucked as the previous track. There's some really nice, jagged e. guitar tone-bursts here, floating over a rattling sub-surface layer of shakers, clanking metal objects and tympani crashes... the backing-track shifts and changes shape like a tank of writhing eels, or sand-dunes in a howling gale. Some vocals arrive and they're fucking scary; can't understand a single word, but they're fidgety and they don't fit with anything else that's going on, but, my God, they fit perfectly. More hysterical Karoli-esque eruptions of contolled feedback follow. Why don't other people still play guitar like this, huh? Answer me that, you fuckers!

Wailing vocals collide with a guitar that sounds like a Moroccan market-place, and an almost solid sheet of tone-generator noizzzzze. It takes nerve and confidence to recover your poise and balance after such an outrageous bravura display of brainmelt, but Soarwhole succeed, not only in regrouping, but also in effortlessly reconfiguring their astral sound-weaponry and bringing the whole damn thing back down from low Earth crash-land at high-speed in a grinding, ploughed-furrow of electronics that I've not encountered since, oh, Hawkwind circa '72.

Fabulous stuff. 35+ minutes of bliss'd-out, brain-blowing mayhem. Recommended to musik-lovin' Space Cadets, Krautheads, Furry Freaks, Hairies and Weirdos the world over.

Be Warned: the Meta-Omniversal Forces of The Uber-Righteous are comin' for you, yeh Corporate Rock/NME-lovin' spack-heads. A crack team of DMT-fuelled Acid Rock Swarmtroopers are, at this very moment, sealing themselves into Bio-Sentient, Self-Evolving Mothership-Suits and preparing to migrate out into K-Space to battle on yr behalf. Kaiser Chiefs, Killers, etc: kiss yr sorry fukken asses goodbye...

Soarwhole are Michael Donnelly (c/o Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, Terracid, 6Majik9), Ian McIntyre (c/o Ffehro, 6Majik9) and Steven Moller (c/o 6majik9, Snowfoxx)...and are part of the wondrous MYMWLY (MusicYourMindWillLoveYou) Kollectiv: Heroes, one and all.

And to prove I didn't imagine it or make it all up, there's another review of this cool album here, on Foxy Digitalis. Score a copy of this LP over on the MYMWLY site.

Many thanks to Michael for sending me this fab Nu Psych artifact, all the way from Kyogle, New South Wales, Australia. (Proof, as ever, that you don't need to live in a city to make a glorious fucking racket) Mike, yr a Dude.