Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Patience, o Fervid Ones, I'll return to reviewing music, or whatever it is I do on this blog, with a vengeance in a coupla days...

But, 'til then, here's a nautical-flava'd wobbly-eyed lift-the-flap book for y'all:

On the other hand, though, the film "Octopus" is great fun ('starring', as it does, Jay Harrington from the U.S. version of "Coupling", fact-fans), so you'd be well advised to check out this four-film bargin-pack that I managed to pick up for a quid, not up The Garage, but in Yeovil Post-Office:

The octo-effects are (slightly) better than you might imagine; Carolyn Lowery is totally crap, but David Beecroft (ex-"Falcon Crest", and ex-"Melrose Place" Wow, what a CV!) is excellent and, er, totally believable as disgraced sailor/highly-strung man-of-action Captain Jack Shaw (he once grounded his sub, apparently!), looking like he was ejected from the set of a forgotten, unfinished early John Carpenter movie ("Bronx Apocalypse") for giving Kurt Russell's stunt-double some lip. The best bit is the look on the face of a hapless submarine deck-hand who ends up with Carolyn Lowery's pants on his head after a game of strip-poker.

Still, it has a long way to go to beat the other Sea-monster Vs. Heavily-armed Mercenaries on board a luxury cruise-ship genre film "Deep Rising", which stars Treat Williams and the wonderous Famke Janssen, and is a master-class in classy B-Movie film-making, if y'ask me.