Thursday, September 22, 2005


All you ever needed to know about Lloyd Bridges and "Sea Hunt".

"Sea Hunt" episode guide here.

The original pilot was a Giant Octopus story, but I'm particularly smitten by Season One, Episode Eight - "Sonar Queen": "Hired to test a new electronic fish-finder, Mike encounters a village where every fish in the vicinity has disappeared..." Whooooooeoooeoooo...spooky! Where all dem fish gone!?

There was also a "Sea Hunt" remake in the 80's featuring Ron "Tarzan/Doc Savage" Ely.

...and Ely also starred in the 60's TV show "The Aquanauts". Weird, huh?


Continuing the squid-related theme...

I went to a South American curio shop in Parkstone, Poole a couple weeks ago and bought an octopus finger-puppet girl-friend for my pal Andy:

Apparently, she was knitted by a Peruvian family in a village outside of Lima and the guy in the shop swore they'd been paid handsomely for their sterling efforts. I hope he wasn't shitting me; us puny, white, m/class liberals can get awful hissy when people fuck with us.

Haven't come up with a name for her yet. I think she's a very nice girl, and she's definitely been a calming influence on our Andy, but the downside is that the pair of them have been keeping me awake at night shagging under my pillow.