Saturday, September 10, 2005


Currently w/out a computer right now. My hard-drive finally bit the dust a few days ago in a puff of purple smoke, so I'm reduced to hanging around internet cafes and mugging old ladies for their lap-tops.

Well, I say 'computer', but down in the South-West we're forced to use weird Heath-Robinson contraptions that we build in the barn out of tractor-parts and the inedible bits of dead animals. Mine ran on a mixture of tramp's urine and week-old goat-dung. On a good day, I could actually get it revv'd up to about 1 kilo-hrz if the wind was in the right direction. Typing in a sentence took about an hour, and if it crashed then I knew that it would rain later that day.

What I laughingly called broadband was actually some very long cardboard tubes that I used to shout into to attract the attention of people in Finland and America.

Hopefully, there'll be a new PC on it's way in a few days time, soon as Jed (one of my hairy-ear'd in-bred cousins or half-brothers (I forget which) ) can bodge one together out of some old milk-churns and a handful of rabbit droppings.

'Til then, you can avoid complete Kid Shirt cold turkey by checking out my live review of Circle in the latest (sept) issue of Terrorizer.