Friday, September 02, 2005


Ah, seeing as I'm fond of a bit of 'Barbarian Rock', me...I was kinda hoping to see Julian Cope's Brain Donor at The Thekla, Bristol tomorrow (Sept 3rd) was only a vague plan, but I started getting into the idea...(Circle Brophy described them as a baaad Pub Rock Band) however, it now looks like our designated driver has got car problems. *sigh*

Also El Dopa, best band in Yeovil (no, don't laugh: they're fucking excellent...someone sign 'em up!), playin' a set of wigged-out accoustic-blues weirdness down in Woods, Yeovil...tonite! ...but it's a late post-Witchin' Hour gig and our baby-sittah can only do 'til about 11-ish. Ay, Caramba...Bollocks.


Some 'ardcore Old Skool Turkish Casio Action courtesy of CyRus Da VyRus:

Some other far-out Turkish Tourist Pop here. Dig the crazy CD covers! Believe me, you really do neeeed Disco Fasil in your life.

Still, it got me wondering if Misket Taverna had done any other stuff...and eventually, I managed to track this down on the internet:

Love the ruffneck Pirate Stylee graphix. The band aren't aging very gracefully, are they (tho' it looks like they've photoshopped the keyboard-player's head straight off the 1st album) And it also seems like they've sacked the Casio and replaced it with a (gasp!) Turkish keyboard of some sort. Shame...

"I prefered their earlier stuff."


Very, very proud of my kids, right now. The youngest has begun toddling in the last week or so, while Kid Kid Shirt (aged 4-and-three-quarters) has just started what could be a long and fruitful career as a political cartoonist, with her first professional work published in The Independent a few days ago:

Steve Bell watch out!