Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ah, shit, nearly forgot about my sad little 'competition' that was probably only of interest to about 3 other people in tha world. The illustration in question came from this (which I've been re-reading recently):

It's a cool read; more 'literary' than you'd expect; extremely hallucinatory in places and chocful of deliciously inventive ideas. The whole book-within-a-book thing is reminiscent of Burroughs circa "Cities of The Red Night" and I also can't help wondering if Grant Morrison has dipped into this too, as there are vague conceptual resonances here with "The Filth" and "The Invisibles" when Moorcock plays around with ideas such as Scale, 'Fictional' Universes, stories that become Real, breaking the Fourth Wall, etc. And wasn't: Grant Morrson = King Mob = Gideon Stargrove = Jerry Cornelius?

Still, I only posted the picture, really, because I thought it was a cool illo (and had forgotten it was in the book!). I just loooove weird, cryptically-annotated illustrations or diagrams: LP covers by The Fall or Pavement were always a joy to behold...Religeous tracts and crank-cult manifestos; cheaply xeroxed/lithographed conspiracy-theory booklets; freemasonry artwork; arcane blueprints; ancient maps; Victorian/Edwardian books and pamphlets on Zoology or Botany, especially when they involve fact, my interest in the Occult almost certainly derives from its imagery: the charts and diagrams, the ritualistic paraphernalia...

Ahhhh...what was I saying? Oh, yeah, anyway...I've got some slightly tatty duplicate copies of "The Stealer of Souls" and "The Quest for Tanelorn" languishing on the bookshelf, so if John, Ade, Loki or any of the other Moorcock Sad Dada Dads haven't got them and fancy a fluffy, lo-fat (but druggy) autumnal read, then they're more than welcome...otherwise I'll pass 'em on to Dom (who's prob. got them, anyway) next time I see him for his stock pile. So arm-wrestle amongst yrselves and let me know if anyone wants either and/or of 'em.

I did like Psychbloke's suggestion that we run a limerick contest. So I thought: hey, maybe we could be contempo and do one about Fiona Richmond, but then I realised that "Fiona" rhymed with "moaner" and "boner"...and I just knew that the whole thing would end in tears...

But don't let me stop you.