Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Cor! What a bloody carve-up! A week or two after I post on forgotten cult film-maker and Burroughs' collaborator Anthony Balch, mainstream splatter 'n' cheesecake publication DVD World goes and runs an article on the man. Prompted, I presume, by the fact that his freaky 1970 UK sexploitation film "Bizarre" (aka "Secrets of Sex") has finally been released on DVD:

Definitely worth checking out, not just for the fact that the film segments are linked by a mummy (voiced by Valentine Dyall - the original "Man in Black" me, some of you aging Brit trendies out there may remember his distinctive and creepy voice from various thriller/horror radio plays, but he also appeared in Blakes 7, Sapphire and Steel, Doctor Who, etc), but because the extras contain restored versions of his two Burroughs collaborations: "Towers Open Fire" and "The Cut-Ups".

Also sat astride the razor-edge of The Zeitgeist is Dom Zero, whose blog recently ran a piece on Fiona Richmond's epic Sci-Fi book "Galactic Girl"...well, the very same ish of DVD World contains a piece on her Low-Budget Lesbo-splatterthon "Expose" (aka "The House on Straw Hill"), the only UK film to get banned as a video-nasty.

Fiona, eh? Cor! Phew, that brings back, er, firm memories of the 70's Softcore heyday of Penthouse, Mayfair, etc. Time for a Fiona Richmond reappraisal, methinks. So, come on, gents, and dust orf yr copies of "Let's Get Laid"...

And, apparently, a remake of "The House on Straw Hill" is on the cards. Well, stranger things have happened.