Sunday, August 14, 2005


Took the eldest to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory today, wh/ I enjoyed, but I didn't think it was quite, y'know, druggy enough.

Forget the kids; what about us?

If I'm going to fork out good money to see a kids' film, then I want my synapses completely fried by bizarre, incongruous, over-coloured kitsch visuals, or my money back, pronto! If my eyes aren't out on stalks and dribbling down my (butt) cheeks by the second reel, then I'm out stalking the lobby, demanding to see the manager ("He was the manager! Eat y'self fitter! etc"). Tim Burton's on cruise-control these days, he knows that him and Terry Gilliam have got the drug-damaged fortysomething parental-market all sewn-up, so there's no real impetus for him to really try and freak us out any more. Besides, we're just a minority niche-market, anyway. We're just too weird/fussy/picky: I bet Hollywood can't wait for us to all die off.

Okay, so what if I did enjoy The Fly/2001: A Space Odyssey/etc in-jokes and the George Clinton-esque (well, Prince, probably) dance number... I still think Burton needs to start buckin' his fuckin' ideas up!

Still, I thought Mike Myers' "The Cat in the Hat" is totally under-rated...I took Soph to see it last year, but the critics panned it...there was a soft, melt-y, hallcinatory edge to the visuals, and Myers brought an unexpectedly sleazy edge to the role. Still, you can't beat those great animated Dr. Seuss films they made a few years back for cheap-skate tripped-out kids-film thrills. Or "The Five Thousand Fingers of Dr. T"...

And Circle Brophy quite rightly bigged-up the genius of H R Puffinstuff the other day. But now I'm just going nostalgio on y'all and it just won't do.

Still, I recently saw a trailer for Robert Rodriguez' newie "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D" and that looked fairly out-there, but it probably isn't.

We'll see.


The Fall tooling up for imminent new LP, plus annual Autumn/Winter tour.

Playing Bristol on 31st October, followed by a couple of London dates on 1st/2nd November, that's if the band survive a whole month on the road w/ MES.

I'll be in attendence, hopefully Bristol, depending on wife's shift-work (no, not the title of a mid-90's LP by Mark and the lads...). Plenty of time, I guess, to organise some sort of Sad Dads/Old Blokes/Pensioners' Works Outing.