Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Off-line for a few days, possibly, as BT come in and extend our phone-lines down into the gravity-free Null-Space V/Matrix known as my garage-extension. Broadband is also theoretically getting plumbed-in on friday, which they will also, no doubt, manage to somehow make a pigs-ear out of. So no internet or email for (sob!) at least a couple days (probably a month...). I was thinking of getting someone to guest-blog for a couple days, but fuck that, they're all scum and so are you.

Still the good news is that Dom and Kate Zero are joining us tomorrow evening for Roast Cocktail Sausages and some gins on the terrace. Much Moorcock, eBay, B-Movie and Comics-related debate to be had...hurrah!

See you soon, honkies.


"London, quieten down!/I need to make a sound..."

Okay, just to show that I do listen to my readership (Hi, mum!) and I'm not just a token obscurantist, here's something that, by complete coincidence, I did actually buy in the specials rack at HMV (see: comments, at bottom), Yeovil, a couple days ago:

Apologies to Chris Lowe (no, not that Chris Lowe! Sorry, but gotta keep these runnin' jokes runnin'...) of Acorn Records, but the 12" was only (*sob*) £2.99, so it was what you might call an "impulse purchase" (see! this how easily these corporate bastards trick you into parting w/ your hard-graft'd money!)...

Gotta say that I thought the MIA album was pretty bloody boring, but I've been really loving the 12inchers, which probably says a lot about her choice of collaborators/remixers. Here, DaVinChe ("Get Cracking, Get-get-get Cracking!") supplies a lard-arsed synth-bass; sloppy/choppy, slightly damp-sounding snaresplash, stroppy-but-strident horns and a naggingly-familiar DX7-ish digital-string flourish. And on the other side, MIA quite rightly pays tribute to DJ Malboro , by getting him to transform the track into a feisty Carioca-flava'd slice of Retro-Electro Rave. As cheesily-obvious as a flashback to '94, but infectious nevah-the-less.

UK Pop Hit of the summer (after Rachael Stevens, natch)!

There's a second 12" remix, but, really, do I have to wipe yr flippin' arses for you, too?

£2.99 from HMV, but steal it, or buy it from a small independent record-shop. Unlike me.