Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Another Finnish 7", this time by Kuupuu, aka Jonna Karanka who also plays in Avarus, Anaksamandros, Kemialliset Ystävät and Hertta Lussu:

Jonna's wordless multi-tracked vocals form a blissfully-brittle cobweb-thin layer of cloudnoise, a billion miles from the lush reverb-soaked Pseudo-Ethnotika and Choral Femvox favoured by Eighties labels like 4AD. Clicks, clacks and circular scraping sounds (that remind me of small, hand-cranked wooden wheels) are left to crawl, scuttle and roll around somewhere near the bottom of the mix. The result is eerie, unsettling and strangely beautiful: the marching-song of a troop of undead Girl Guides as they burn down a Scout-Hut...

The flip-side opens with ominously loud rattling sounds and clunks, counterpointed by a delicate, anorexic-sounding guitar and a thumb-piano. The song slowly starts to dream: a police-siren sounds somewhere far, far off in the distance, followed by some of the most fragile and mournful singing that I have ever heard in my life. Time slows, synching with the fallow creep of seasons. Objects collapse/Meaning evaporates/Everything melts. Beauty flourishes slowly and in wild abundance.

Simply stunning.