Thursday, July 07, 2005


More digital fossils from our boy Jace: jagged sliv-vv-v-vers of Junglecore and Fuckstep are juggled and bit-crunched and piled high into helical sound-towers, disks of raw-hewn base-metal that drunkenly spin and wobble, constantly threatening to collapse under the weight of their own past. Slices of impossibly-old pre-History Hip-Hop and Ragga Hi-Hats are self-xeroxed until they expand out into rubber-thumbed, columnal structures...tubes of wet cardboard, dull thuds, muffled Barrio Beats and Sound-System leakage...a 3D kaleidoscope that twists and reconfigures ancestral cymbal splashes and 909-drum-squelch into the glitchtop equivalent of a Early Eighties Joe D'Amato Zombie Flick Soundtrack.

It's the Fifth World Vs. New Brutalism, kids: Mahogony Beats for a Marzipan Planet!