Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Well, I'm up for an Idiot's Nite-Out in Bristol, this friday, if you are. Hopefully, Loki and Psychbloke will help me navigate the lithium-lit fleshpots of Stokes Croft...

The plan is: to see Circle at The Cube. All are welcome. We go in under cover of dark. Hats and owlshirts will be required. Facepaint optional. Expect major headfuck and many casualties. Leave the dead and wounded behind, soldier. Aw, but, Sarge...

The Cube's website says:

(Fri 8th / 8pm / £6)

Unmissable Finnish firepower from incredible six-piece Circle. This is one of two rare UK dates for an unpredictable ensemble whose epic live shows and limited releases have earned them a worldwide reputation - catch them while you can! Five musicians effortlessly circumnavigate a world of skewed progressive rockrhythms, gleaming minimalism and hymnal incantations, plotting an irresistible course from celestial calm to motoric Krautrock and back again, all held together, pulled apart, and pushed to the limit by their sound engineer on the mixing desk. For fans of Acid Mothers Temple, Sunburned Hand of the Man, and, of course, Can.

See ya there, troops.


An interesting piece (though probably only to Loki and myself) in today's Independent ("Who ate all the Elk") examines the joys of Finnish Cuisine, such as Elk Balls (delicious, apparently), Mustamakkara, Lutefisk and Mammi before concluding, unsurprisingly, that Chirac is a gastronomic philistine.

A correspondent from one of Finland's biggest daily newpapers summed it all up beautifully, I thought: "He's just a crazy old man. What does he know?"


Following on from yesterday's post...

I was bemused to read in a local West Country rag that, in Cornwall yesterday, they had protested against Chirac by setting fire to the French flag outside a Pasty Shop...presumably, as a Meta-Ironic Gesture of some sort. Or maybe the pub hadn't opened yet.